Late S. Sujan Singh Sahni

The Founder, His Dream & His History

In 1947, a man with his family was forced to move to a refugee camp as part of the partition move. With post-independence pressure, instead of accepting the harsh reality, the man decided to follow his dreams and to care and provide for his family. Thus, he started a small bakery business with limited resources in his new hometown, Patiala. Within no time, with his utmost wit and hardwork he succeeded to upturn his newly setup business to the talk of the town, still situated in the heart of Patiala, Lahori Gate. This man is no other but the founder, the developer and the keeper of the brand we all know today, Sahni Bakery and his name was S. Sujan Singh Sahni.

The Legacy

Early 1970s, the second youngest son of S. Sujan Singh Sahni was chosen to continue the legacy of the brand Sahni Bakery. With S. Inderjit Singh Sahni’s determination and commitment to the brand, he turned this brand to the crown of the Bakery Industry and also spread its wings even further by extending into various parts of the state with his brand new stores, currently situated in Rajpura and Nabha. All the locals and his own team members always commend about his compassion and his creativity. His vision is to make this brand known worldwide by following these values:


    Quality is the lifeline of our brand and without it we are nothing. As a customer, it means you can come in time after time and get the same consistency in our food whether it is an old favourite or a new exploration. You’ll feel the same professionalism, warmth and welcoming ambience in all of our bakeries.


    Change is the only constant. We aspire to innovate as it is our way of looking at the world, of waking each day with a relentless passion to be better while staying true to taste and integrity. For you as our customers, that means our desire to take you to new flavours and experiences in the world of baking.


    Sahni Bakery has always been driven by love and respect for the craft of baking. When our customers taste our food, they acknowledge with every bite, the finest ingredients and time-honoured rituals of preparation are authentic.

S. Inderjit Singh Sahni (Bittu)

Chiranjiv Singh Sahni

The Successor

Born with a silver spoon in one hand and a whisker in another, Chiranjiv is a star in making. He is currently brushing up his skills by pursuing B.Sc. (Culinary Arts) from Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts (SSCA) in Pune. His passion towards working in the bakery industry and fulfilling his father’s and grandfather’s dreams and visions is commendable. Not only is he working shoulder to shoulder with one of the best bakery artisans in the country, but is also helping his father in running day to day operations and learning the tricks of the trade whenever he gets some time in between studies. He certainly believes that he will add a lot more value to this business and will provide a much higher standard of products and service to the market once he is completely ready to join the brand, Sahni Bakery.